Kopia v0.5

Key Changes

  • Creation of both a governance structure for Kopia as well as the adoption of a Code of Conduct
  • Addition of better encryption schemes (AES256-GCM-HMAC-SHA256 and CHACHA20-POLY1305-HMAC-SHA256) and deprecation of some weak ciphers.
  • Object Storage: Support for Azure Blob and AWS Session Tokens
  • KopiaUI - desktop client that runs kopia in the background allows quick access to UI from system tray
  • Robustness testing framework
  • Revamped logging of repository layer and made it pluggable
  • Refactored hashing, encryption and splitters into separate packages
  • Added ability to embed credentials in kopia connection configuration.
  • Cleaned up console output to be less noisy
  • Build system now supports macOS, Linux and Windows - all CLI binaries and KopiaUI can be built on all the environments.
  • Automatic update notification about new Kopia versions available on GitHub
  • Improvements to repository maintenance tooling (compaction, garbage collection, verification)
  • New policy options to ignore errors when reading files and directories
  • Repository now remembers hostname at connection time to prevent spontaneous changes when changing networks
  • Lots of improvements to server HTTP API - now supports running over TLS, dynamic ports and using random password

See full change log on GitHub.