Contribution Guidelines

NOTE: Those guidelines are preliminary and will change as the project grows and expands in scope.

Contacting Developers

  • Using Slack is the quickest way to get in touch with developers.

Submitting issues

Security issues

  • If you find a security issue that you want to disclose privately, please contact [email protected] or send a direct message on Slack.

Submitting code via Pull Requests

  • We follow the Github Pull Request Model for all contributions.
  • For large bodies of work, we recommend creating an issue and labelling it design outlining the feature that you wish to build, and describing how it will be implemented. This gives a chance for review to happen early, and ensures no wasted effort occurs.
  • For new features, documentation must be included.
  • Once review has occurred, please rebase your PR down to a single commit. This will ensure a nice clean Git history.