Common Commands

Common Commands

  • diff - Displays differences between two repository objects (files or directories)
  • list - List a directory stored in repository object
  • restore - Restore a directory or a file
  • show - Displays the contents of a repository object
  • mount - Mount repository object as a local filesystem

Commands to test performance of algorithms

Commands to control HTTP API server

Commands to manipulate snapshots

Commands to manipulate snapshotting policies

  • policy edit - Set snapshot policy for a single directory, user@host or a global policy
  • policy list - List policies
  • policy delete - Remove snapshot policy for a single directory, user@host or a global policy
  • policy set - Set snapshot policy for a single directory, user@host or a global policy
  • policy show - Show snapshot policy

Commands to manipulate repository

benchmark compression

benchmark crypto

benchmark ecc

benchmark encryption

benchmark hashing

benchmark splitter




policy delete

policy edit

policy list

policy set

policy show

repository change-password

repository connect azure

repository connect b2

repository connect filesystem

repository connect from-config

repository connect gcs

repository connect gdrive

repository connect rclone

repository connect s3

repository connect server

repository connect sftp

repository connect webdav

repository create azure

repository create b2

repository create filesystem

repository create from-config

repository create gcs

repository create gdrive

repository create rclone

repository create s3

repository create sftp

repository create webdav

repository disconnect

repository repair azure

repository repair b2

repository repair filesystem

repository repair from-config

repository repair gcs

repository repair gdrive

repository repair rclone

repository repair s3

repository repair sftp

repository repair webdav

repository set-client

repository set-parameters

repository status

repository sync-to azure

repository sync-to b2

repository sync-to filesystem

repository sync-to from-config

repository sync-to gcs

repository sync-to gdrive

repository sync-to rclone

repository sync-to s3

repository sync-to sftp

repository sync-to webdav

repository throttle get

repository throttle set

repository validate-provider


server acl add

server acl delete

server acl enable

server acl list

server cancel

server flush

server pause

server refresh

server resume

server shutdown

server snapshot

server start

server status

server throttle get

server throttle set

server users add

server users delete

server users info

server users list

server users set


snapshot copy-history

snapshot create

snapshot delete

snapshot estimate

snapshot expire

snapshot fix invalid-files

snapshot fix remove-files

snapshot list

snapshot migrate

snapshot move-history

snapshot pin

snapshot restore

snapshot verify