snapshot create

$ kopia snapshot create [source]

Creates a snapshot of local directory or file.

Flag Short Default Help
--[no-]all false Create snapshots for files or directories previously backed up by this user on this computer. Cannot be used when a source path argument is also specified.
--description Free-form snapshot description.
--end-time Override snapshot end timestamp.
--[no-]fail-fast false Fail fast when creating snapshot.
--force-hash 0 Force hashing of source files for a given percentage of files [0.0 .. 100.0]
--[no-]json false Output result in JSON format to stdout
--log-dir-detail Override log level for directories
--log-entry-detail Override log level for entries
--override-source Override the source of the snapshot.
--parallel 0 Upload N files in parallel
--pin Create a pinned snapshot that will not expire automatically
--start-time Override snapshot start timestamp.
--stdin-file File path to be used for stdin data snapshot.
--tags Tags applied on the snapshot. Must be provided in the : format.
--upload-limit-mb 0 Stop the backup process after the specified amount of data (in MB) has been uploaded.
--checkpoint-interval [ADV] Interval between periodic checkpoints (must be <= 45 minutes).
--[no-]flush-per-source false [ADV] Flush writes at the end of each source
--[no-]force-disable-actions false [ADV] Disable snapshot actions even if globally enabled on this client
--[no-]force-enable-actions false [ADV] Enable snapshot actions even if globally disabled on this client
--[no-]json-indent false [ADV] Output result in indented JSON format to stdout
--[no-]json-verbose false [ADV] Output non-essential data (e.g. statistics) in JSON format
Argument Help
source Files or directories to create snapshot(s) of.