Upgrading to New Version

Upgrading Kopia from one version to the next is a seamless process except for the upgrade paths discussed in this document. If your Kopia upgrade path is not mentioned here, then you are safe to upgrade Kopia as normal.

Upgrading Kopia v0.8 and Earlier to Newer Version

Kopia v0.9 adds support for several new features thanks to a brand-new index format.

If your repository was created in a version older than v0.9, please follow the steps below to upgrade.


It is critical to follow the process outlined before exactly and to verify that during the upgrade steps no instance of kopia is connected to the repository.

This includes:

  • kopia or KopiaUI running interactively on in scripts,
  • running as a scheduled background tasks (e.g. using crontab),
  • running in server mode either as the current user or system-wide daemon (e.g. using systemd),
  • running in Docker containers and similar.

Also note, that after the upgrade, kopia v0.8 and earlier will not be able to open the repository anymore. Once upgraded all new v0.9 features will be supported except password change, which is only available for newly-created repositories.

Upgrade Process

  1. Select one kopia client that will perform the upgrade, if there are more clients, pick the one that is currently the owner of maintenance process, which is typically the client that first created the repository.

  2. Disconnect all other kopia clients:

  • using CLI run:
$ kopia repository disconnect
  • using KopiaUI, click Repository | Disconnect.

  • make sure to stop any running kopia server instances and disable all background kopia tasks, such as periodic snapshots in crontab.

  1. Upgrade all kopia clients to the latest version >=v0.9.x

  2. Using the designated kopia client, run:

$ kopia repository set-parameters --upgrade
  1. Verify upgrade by:
$ kopia repository status

You should see Format version: 2

  1. Reconnect kopia clients that were disconnected in step 2 and re-enable all disabled background jobs.

  2. When in doubt, it’s better not to guess, but post a question on https://kopia.discourse.group