Upgrading Kopia to v0.9

Kopia v0.9 adds support for several new features thanks to brand new index format.

If your repository was created in a version older than v0.9, please follow the steps below to upgrade.


  • After the upgrade, kopia v0.8 and earlier will not be able to open the repository anymore.

  • It is very important to perform repository upgrade without other clients accessing repository to avoid data loss.

Upgrade Process

  1. Disconnect all but one kopia clients:
  • using CLI run
$ kopia repository disconnect
  • using KopiaUI, click Repository | Disconnect.
  1. Upgrade all kopia executables to >=v0.9.0-rc1

  2. Using the remaining connected kopia client, run:

$ kopia repository set-parameters --upgrade
  1. Verify upgrade by:
$ kopia repository status

You should see Format version: 2

  1. Reconnect kopia clients that were disconnected in step 1

After upgrade all new v0.9 features will be supported except password change.

Last modified September 13, 2021: site: 0.9 release notes (#1291) (d5a5ea88)