Flag Short Default Help
--config-file repository.config Specify the config file to use.
--[no-]help false Show context-sensitive help (also try –help-long and –help-man).
--[no-]help-full false Show help for all commands, including hidden
--password -p Repository password.
--[no-]persist-credentials true Persist credentials
--[no-]use-keyring false Use Gnome Keyring for storing repository password.
--advanced-commands [ADV] Enable advanced (and potentially dangerous) commands.
--[no-]auto-maintenance true [ADV] Automatic maintenance
--[no-]caching true [ADV] Enables caching of objects (disable with –no-caching)
--[no-]completion-bash false [ADV] Output possible completions for the given args.
--[no-]completion-script-bash false [ADV] Generate completion script for bash.
--[no-]completion-script-zsh false [ADV] Generate completion script for ZSH.
--[no-]disable-internal-log false [ADV] Disable internal log
--[no-]help-long false [ADV] Generate long help.
--[no-]help-man false [ADV] Generate a man page.
--initial-update-check-delay 24h [ADV] Initial delay before first time update check
--[no-]list-caching true [ADV] Enables caching of list results (disable with –no-list-caching)
--metrics-listen-addr [ADV] Expose Prometheus metrics on a given host:port
--[no-]progress true [ADV] Enable progress bar
--progress-update-interval 300ms [ADV] How ofter to update progress information
--timezone [ADV] Format time according to specified time zone (local, utc, original or time zone name)
--[no-]trace-storage true [ADV] Enables tracing of storage operations.
--track-memory-usage [ADV] Periodically force GC and log current memory usage
--update-available-notify-interval 1h [ADV] Interval between update notifications
--update-check-interval 168h [ADV] Interval between update checks
Last modified January 1, 0001