Advanced Commands

Commands to manipulate BLOBs

Commands to manipulate local cache

  • cache clear - Clears the cache
  • cache info - Displays cache information and statistics
  • cache prefetch - Prefetches the provided objects into cache
  • cache set - Sets parameters local caching of repository data
  • cache sync - Synchronizes the metadata cache with blobs in storage

Commands to manipulate content in repository

Commands to manipulate content index

Commands to manipulate logs stored in the repository

  • logs cleanup - Clean up logs
  • logs list - List logs
  • logs show - Show contents of the log. When no flags or arguments are specified, only the last log is shown

Session commands

Commands to manipulate snapshots

  • snapshot gc - DEPRECATED: This command does not do anything and will be removed. Snapshot GC is now automatically done as part of repository maintenance

Low-level commands to manipulate manifest items

Maintenance commands

Commands to manipulate repository

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