repository connect webdav

$ kopia repository connect webdav \

Connect to repository in a WebDAV storage

Flag Short Default Help
--[no-]atomic-writes false Assume WebDAV provider implements atomic writes
--cache-directory Cache directory
--[no-]check-for-updates true Periodically check for Kopia updates on GitHub
--content-cache-size-mb 5000 Size of local content cache
--description Human-readable description of the repository
--[no-]enable-actions false Allow snapshot actions
--[no-]flat false Use flat directory structure
--metadata-cache-size-mb 5000 Size of local metadata cache
--[no-]readonly false Make repository read-only to avoid accidental changes
--url URL of WebDAV server
--webdav-password WebDAV password
--webdav-username WebDAV username
--[no-]disable-repository-format-cache false [ADV] Disable caching of kopia.repository format blob
--list-parallelism [ADV] Set list parallelism
--max-list-cache-duration 30s [ADV] Duration of index cache
--override-hostname [ADV] Override hostname used by this repository connection
--override-username [ADV] Override username used by this repository connection
--repository-format-cache-duration [ADV] Duration of kopia.repository format blob cache
Last modified January 1, 0001