repository set-parameters

$ kopia repository set-parameters

Set repository parameters.

Flag Short Default Help
--epoch-advance-on-count Advance epoch if the number of indexes exceeds given threshold
--epoch-advance-on-size-mb Advance epoch if the total size of indexes exceeds given threshold
--epoch-checkpoint-frequency Checkpoint frequency
--epoch-cleanup-safety-margin Epoch cleanup safety margin
--epoch-delete-parallelism Epoch delete parallelism
--epoch-min-duration Minimal duration of a single epoch
--epoch-refresh-frequency Epoch refresh frequency
--index-version Set version of index format used for writing
--max-pack-size-mb Set max pack file size
--retention-mode Set the blob retention-mode for supported storage backends.
--retention-period Set the blob retention-period for supported storage backends.
--[no-]upgrade false Upgrade repository to the latest stable format