snapshot list

$ kopia snapshot list [source]

List snapshots of files and directories.

Flag Short Default Help
--[no-]all -a false Show all snapshots (not just current username/host)
--[no-]delta -d false Include deltas.
--[no-]human-readable true Show human-readable units
--[no-]incomplete -i false Include incomplete.
--[no-]json false Output result in JSON format to stdout
--[no-]manifest-id -m false Include manifest item ID.
--max-results -n Maximum number of entries per source.
--[no-]mtime false Include file mod time
--[no-]owner false Include owner
--[no-]retention true Include retention reasons.
--[no-]reverse false Reverse sort order
--[no-]show-identical -l false Show identical snapshots
--[no-]storage-stats false Compute and show storage statistics
--tags Tag filters to apply on the list items. Must be provided in the : format.
--[no-]json-indent false [ADV] Output result in indented JSON format to stdout
--[no-]json-verbose false [ADV] Output non-essential data (e.g. statistics) in JSON format
Argument Help
source File or directory to show history of.