repository sync-to gcs

$ kopia repository sync-to gcs \

Synchronize repository data to another repository in a Google Cloud Storage bucket

Flag Short Default Help
--bucket Name of the Google Cloud Storage bucket
--credentials-file Use the provided JSON file with credentials
--[no-]delete false Whether to delete blobs present in destination but not source.
--[no-]dry-run -n false Do not perform copying.
--[no-]embed-credentials false Embed GCS credentials JSON in Kopia configuration
--max-download-speed Limit the download speed.
--max-upload-speed Limit the upload speed.
--[no-]must-exist false Fail if destination does not have repository format blob.
--parallel 1 Copy parallelism.
--prefix Prefix to use for objects in the bucket
--[no-]read-only false Use read-only GCS scope to prevent write access
--[no-]times false Synchronize blob times if supported.
--[no-]update true Whether to update blobs present in destination and source if the source is newer.