snapshot copy-history

$ kopia snapshot copy-history <source> [destination]

Performs a copy of the history of snapshots from another user or host. This command will copy snapshot manifests of the specified source to the respective destination. This is typically used when renaming a host, switching username or moving directory around to maintain snapshot history.

Both source and destination can be specified using user@host, @host or user@host:/path
where destination values override the corresponding parts of the source, so both targeted
and mass copy is supported.

Source:             Destination         Behavior
@host1              @host2              copy snapshots from all users of host1
@host1              user2@host2         (disallowed as it would potentially collapse users)
@host1              user2@host2:/path2  (disallowed as it would potentially collapse paths)
user1@host1         @host2              copy all snapshots to user1@host2
user1@host1         user2@host2         copy all snapshots to user2@host2
user1@host1         user2@host2:/path2  (disallowed as it would potentially collapse paths)
user1@host1:/path1  @host2              copy to user1@host2:/path1
user1@host1:/path1  user2@host2         copy to user2@host2:/path1
user1@host1:/path1  user2@host2:/path2  copy snapshots from single path.
Flag Short Default Help
--[no-]dry-run -n false Do not actually copy snapshots, only print what would happen
Argument Help
destination Destination (defaults to current user@host)
source Source (user@host or user@host:path)