repository repair s3

$ kopia repository repair s3 \
        --bucket=... \
        --access-key=... \

Repair repository in an S3 bucket

Flag Short Default Help
--access-key Access key ID (overrides AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID environment variable)
--bucket Name of the S3 bucket
--[no-]disable-tls false Disable TLS security (HTTPS)
--[no-]disable-tls-verification false Disable TLS (HTTPS) certificate verification
--[no-]dry-run -n false Do not modify repository
--endpoint Endpoint to use
--max-download-speed Limit the download speed.
--max-upload-speed Limit the upload speed.
--point-in-time Use a point-in-time view of the storage repository when supported
--prefix Prefix to use for objects in the bucket. Put trailing slash (/) if you want to use prefix as directory. e.g my-backup-dir/ would put repository contents inside my-backup-dir directory
--recover-format auto Recover format blob from a copy
--recover-format-block-prefixes Prefixes of file names
--region S3 Region
--root-ca-pem-base64 Certificate authority in-line (base64 enc.)
--root-ca-pem-path Certificate authority file path
--secret-access-key Secret access key (overrides AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable)
--session-token Session token (overrides AWS_SESSION_TOKEN environment variable)